Ink Your Success with the Ultimate

for Tattoo Studios

Seamlessly manage appointments, clients, artists, and services with our trusted all-in-one platform that amplifies your Tattoo Studio's revenue and reputation.


Get Simple & Effortless Appointment Scheduling

  • Easy & Intuitive Beauty Salon Booking System : Maximize your scheduling efficiency by giving clients 24/7 Booking possibility easily schedule their own appointments

  • Reduce no-shows by 60% : Plandy inform your clients for you, using SMS reminders are to keep clients prompt


Centralized & Savvy
Customer Management:

  • Keep all your client information, appointment history, and service packages at your fingertips: Plandy’s customer management feature helps you stay in tune with solutions’ style preferences and product favorites through savvy client management.


Manage Flawlessly Your Salon and Staff Coordination:

  • Run Your Salon on fingertips and have more time for you : Empower your beauty experts by effortlessly managing their profiles, allocating work shifts, and assigning tasks based on availability. With Plandy, ensure that your salon operates smoothly and efficiently, so you can focus on creating stunning transformations for your clients and make more time for you.

Inside stories

Plandy: Inking Perfection with Every Booking!

Plandy has been an astonishing addition to my tattoo studio! Picture a masterfully calibrated tattoo machine, seamlessly etching art through appointments, client communications, and artist schedules. The dashboard is a sleek canvas, so intuitive it's like Plandy has a sixth sense for what my studio needs!

Alex Rodriguez
Tattoo Maestro at The Ink Oasis

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