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Plandy is an appointment scheduling app
that allows businesses to create and manage appointments for their customers in one place.

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Appointment Management

Manage appointments for your customers and employees.


Manage appointments for your customers and provide fast service for them.


Manage your employees schedules to ensure they are always on duty.

Our Features

Take control of your appointment scheduling

Plandy lets you take control of your appointment scheduling
and manage it from one place. Make your life easier and your business
operations simple by using Plandy to schedule appointments.

All the solutions you need for your business

With Plandy, you can easily manage your appointments, employees, services and financial status with a single software.

Easily create an appointment via the calendar

Create your appointments according to the available times of the business with the calendar view. End the queue waiting and appointment confusion in your business.

It's easy to view your staff's availability

Easily measure the availability of the business by choosing which customer and which employee will deal with it.

See your services in one page

With this feature where you can manage your services, you can add duration and price information to your services.

How is your business financially?

You can learn how much profit you make from which service or employee, and how much income you have in which month with an easy interface.

Remind your customers of yourself

Remind your customers of their appointments easily with automatic sms and e-mail notifications

Use your time efficiently

Save your and your customer's time with online payment feature while making an appointment.


Plandyinc has the ability to serve Any Business Segment

Sports & Fitness

Personal trainers, Gyms Fitness classes, Yoga classes Golf classes, Sport items renting

Beauty and Wellness

Eyelash extensions , Hair salons, Spa salons Beauty salons, Nail salons

Events & entertainment

Art classes, Escape rooms Photographers, Equipment Rental & more.

Officials & Financial

Embassies and consulates, City councils, Call centers Financial services, Interview scheduling.

Personal meetings

Counselling ,Coaching, Business, Advisory, Spiritual services & more.

Medical services

Massage & Body Treatments, Dental Clinics, Medical Clinics & more.


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